Plenary lectures will be offered by, in alphabetical order :

Bucci, G., Palo Alto Research Center : "Chemo-mechanics and microstructural design of solid-state batteries"
Canepa, P.,  NUSingapore : “Millisecond Ion-Transport in Solid Electrolytes”
Ciucci, F., HKUST, Hong Kong : "Modeling the Defect Chemistry, Transport Properties, and Stability of Anti-perovskite Materials."
Danilov, D., Technical University of Eindhoven : “Mathematical modeling as an approach to the investigation of electrochemical storage”
Deshpande, V., University of Cambridge : “Failure mechanisms in solid electrolyte Li-ion cells: from void growth in anodes to cracking of electrolytes”
Di Leo, C., GeorgiaTech : “Continuum gradient theories for diffusion-reaction-deformation in solids: Application to conversion electrodes and Li filament growth.“
Figgemeier, E., RWTH Aachen : “Mechanical Aspects of Ageing in Lithium-Ion Batteries Probed by Computer Tomography and Optical Means”
Franco, A., Université de Picardie Jules Verne : “Digitalization of Battery Manufacturing using Multiscale Modeling and Machine Learning”
Guo, K., A*STAR Singapore : "Interfacial Degradation Mechanisms in Thin Film Electrodes"
Kamlah, M., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology : “Interaction of diffusion and transport with mechanics in active materials and electrodes for electrochemical energy storage”
Knobbe, E., BMW : “Challenges to simulate interaction of mechanics and electro-chemistry in battery cells – perspective of a cell developer.”
Krewer, U., KIT : “Model-based insight into Li-ion batteries – from cradle to grave”
Kwade, A., TU Braunschweig : "Modelling processing and resulting mechanical and transport properties of lithium ion battery electrodes using DEM"
Latz, A., University of Ulm : "Impact of structure and chemo – mechanical coupling on degradation in Lithium-Ion batteries”
Martinez-Paneda, E., Imperial College : “A phase field electro-chemo-mechanical model for predicting void evolution at the Li-electrolyte interface in all-solid-state batteries”
McDowell, M., GeorgiaTech : “Operando Experiments for Understanding the Chemo-Mechanics of Solid-State Batteries”
McMeeking, R., University of California, Santa Barbara : "Models for storage particle delamination and electrolyte cracking in cathodes of solid state batteries" 
Monroe, C., University of Oxford : TBA
Oancea, V., Dassault Systemes : “Challenges to simulate interaction of mechanics and electro-chemistry in battery cells – perspective of a software developer.”
Pannala, S., Sabic :  “How multiscale modeling of Lithium Ion Batteries for Safety and Performance helped to redesign a cell to achieve dense and safe battery packs?”
Perego, O. , RSE,“Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster support to the innovation and competitiveness of regional battery sector”
Qi, Y., Brown University : "When electrons meet ions, multiscale modeling of interfaces in Li-ion Batteries" 
Runesson, K., Chalmers University of Technology : “Aspects on the computational modeling of structural batteries”
Salvadori, A., University of Brescia : “Recent advances in modeling and simulations of gel polymer and ceramic electrolytes"
Schmidt, V., Universitaet Ulm : "Stochastic microstructure modeling of battery electrode materials based on 3D image data - a prerequisite for virtual materials testing"
Siegel, D.,  UT Austin : “Chemo-mechanical phenomena of relevance for solid state batteries: an atomic scale perspective”
Sheldon, B., Brown University : “Chemo-mechanical phenomena in solid electrolytes”
Shearing, P., UCL : “Multi-scale imaging and modelling of coupled phenomena in battery materials and devices”
Smith, K., NREL : “Frontiers in Simulation of Battery Chemo-Mechanical Physics and Degradation”
Vegge, T.,Technical University of Denmark : "ML-accelerated simulations of solid-electrolyte interfaces in electrochemical systems"
Xu, B., TU Darmstadt : “Chemo-mechanical damage modeling and simulation of solid-state Li-ion battery materials” 
Wall, W., Technical University of Munich : “Electro-chemo-thermo-mechanical modeling of all solid-state batteries with a focus on interfaces, uncertainties and inverse analysis”